The Triangle’s first SkeptiCamp is a wrap. Thanks for making it a massive success!

May 25, 2024 | Raleigh, North Carolina

The inaugural Triangle SkeptiCamp took place on 25 May 2024 at the community center of John Chavis Memorial Park in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. If you were there, you know what a great time we had taking in the talks and the community.

The main conference day featured a workshop, traditional presentations, and lightning talks, all covering how we can improve our scientific literacy, critical thinking, and media literacy. We also held social events the preceding evening and the following day

Triangle Skeptics thanks About Time, Center for Inquiry, and Triangle Freethought Society for their help organizing and promoting this event.

Speakers and Agenda

This year’s full speakers list (alphabetically) was:

  • Kenny Biddle – Chief Investigator at Center for Inquiry
  • Michael Cole – Host, Talking About the Big Stuff Podcast
  • Erika Engelhaupt – Science journalest and author, Gory Details
  • Susan Gerbic – Founder of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW)
  • Eric Harris – Neuroscientist and founding member of Triangle Skeptics
  • Rob Palmer – Aerospace engineer turned skeptical and atheist activist
  • Melanie Trecek-King – Science educator and creator of Thinking Is Power
  • Coleman Watts – Host of the Think This Through YouTube channel

The full conference agenda is still available, with links to videos coming as we get them produced.

Did You Get Your Towel?

The main conference this year day fell on Towel Day. Bathrobes were optional, though local ordinances did require that conferees wear clothes of some description. Speakers and lucky attendees took home a limited-edition towel to commemorate the event. Banana for scale.

Triangle Skepticamp 2024 Towel Photo

Attendance at all aspects of Triangle SkeptiCamp is subject to the Triangle SkeptiCamp Code of Conduct.